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GeneXus allows you to create Mobile and Web Apps from one source for iPhone, Android and Windows



Create high quality, beautiful apps that your users love to use.

You don't have to be a designer to create a great looking UI

Your business knowledge
our tools
fast delivery


Flexibility is built into the development process.

Changes are inevitable and GeneXus will make these changes easy to incorporate


Software That Makes Software

GeneXus generates native apps for iPhone, Android devices, and web applications that run flawlessly on every modern browser

Agile development

Automatic generation of reusable patterns

Automatic Cloud deployment

Easy to learn and use

True native iPhone and Android Apps

Easily connect with most ERP, databases and legacy systems

More than 9,000 companies use GeneXus

GeneXus enables big and small companies to deliver applications on-time and on-budget

Kenji Katsumata

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd

“With GeneXus it was possible to develop without depending on databases, languages, operating systems, Web based systems, or Client-server systems. In other words, we could finally move to our desired replacement platform from our old technology.”

“Thanks to the GeneXus connector for SAP, we now have very flexible applications that adapt to market conditions and grow accordingly.  After an app has been implemented, when we are asked to ‘please add this new functionality´, we can do that on the spot. And the best part of all this is that what we add will work on smart devices, Windows, and Web.”

Clemente Munoz

Polak Group

"We needed a tool that unified and reflected our ideas in an application. We gradually discovered and were amazed by what technology has to offer today."

Rodrigo Bisensang


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GeneXus allows you to develop knowledge based software

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